Tchoukball UKTchoukball UK has been working hard over a number of years to establish the sport of Tchoukball within the home countries, enabling it to be delivered to children and adults alike. Over the years we have developed our National Championship structure, organised events from local through to World and have a high level of regard within our peers across both Europe and the World as a leading country for the sport. We are now at a point in our development where we need to build our Board of Directors and develop our governance structure further.

We are looking for someone that will assist in the next big and exciting step. Someone who ideally has experience of this type of position and National Governing Body development. But we never do things the usual route. Whilst we never try to reinvent the wheel” we never want to follow the norm. We always take advice and then think outside of the box to ensure that we are working for the good of the sport, in the most efficient manner, never accepting the average but striving to be the best at what we do.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the establishment of the board for Tchoukball UK and to lead a governance review making the NGB fit for purpose as a Tier 2 striving Tier 3 level NGB. We are looking for a sustainable approach to this work, to achieve this the post will be a 2x3 year term. The candidate will be expected to Chair meetings and lead the board working closely with the CEO and executive team. To establish the board structure and assist to setup and implement good governance. Working with the CEO to undertake a skills audit and to appoint further positions to the board as appropriate. Whilst it is essential to have knowledge of the wider sporting landscape it is not deemed essential to have knowledge of the sport of Tchoukball. The candidate will be required to attend the National Championship finals weekend as a minimum and be able to commit on average 6 hours a month in the first year. In order to minimise expenditure meetings will ideally be hosted on line with 2 meetings a year held face to face in the Birmingham/Kettering area.

Our chairperson needs to be able to think outside the box too as we are a zero funded NGB. We utilise Google Apps to enable us to operate effectively and efficiently to serve our membership. Whilst it is necessary to meet, incurring large expenses to do this is neither possible nor acceptable to us. Tchoukball UK is committed to recruiting a diverse, skills-based board, and encourages applications from people from under-represented populations.

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