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Tchoukball UK are pleased to offer you great value starter pack deals courtesy of our official supplier, Tchoukball Promotion.

We have 3 starter packs.  In each of them you will find a different model of tchoukball frame: the X150, the X350 or the X500.  Each of them is designed to be perfect for tchoukball at the level it is played at in schools. The difference in price and quality is mainly due to:

- the durability of the equipment
- the possibility to use this equipment on a more long term basis with more experienced players


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'Introduction' Starter Pack - £249

Ideal for those who want to start to play tchoukball but only have a very limited budget for equipment.

- 2 tchoukball frames, model X150 with 2 years guarantee

- 1 'Team Spirit' top quality tchoukballs(choose sizes below)

Introduction Starter Pack

'Classic' Starter Pack - £349

Ideal for schools who want to invest in good and durable equipment. These frames offer the best value for money over the longer term.

- 2 tchoukball frames, model X350, with 3 years guarantee

- 3 'Team Spirit' top quality tchoukballs(choose sizes below)

Classic Starter Pack

'Pro' Starter Pack - £599

Ideal for schools and the clubs who want the very best equipment. Perfect for groups who play tchoukball frequently, this is VERY durable equipment. Guaranteed perfect quality of rebound from the net. Essential for elite competitions. Certified top quality by the International Tchoukball Federation and used at the European and World Championships.

- 2 tchoukball frames, model X500, with 5 years guarantee

- 8 'Team Spirit' top quality tchoukballs (choose sizes below) and ball bag

Pro Starter Pack

Bar-X weight bars

World exclusivity - Never before has it been this easy to stabilize frames in such an efficient way!

- Bar-X Pro (14kg): 69 GBP
- Bar-X Nano (7kg): 39 GBP

The most efficient and practical way to stabilize tchoukball frames. Simply place the ballast weight bars onto the front and back tubes of the frame and you are ready to play with perfectly stable frames.

Fit for world championships or schools

The "X-Bar" adapts perfectly to any usage: it is enough to use the right model according to the level of tchoukball practised. Here are a few of suggestions:

- For school competitions: 2 to 4 Bar-X Nano
- For club competitions: 2 or 3 Bar-X Pro
- For advanced and elite competitions: 3 or 4 Bar-X Pro

Videos of their use in competitions

The "Bar-X Pro" weight bars have already been successfully tested during national and international competitions. You can check out how they are being used at www.youtube.com/tchoukballpromotion:

- FITB European Championships of 2010 in Great Britain
- European Winners Cup in 2013 in Great Britain
- Indoor Tchoukball Geneva in 2011 in Switzerland

(R) Registered design

The "Bar-X" is exclusive to Tchoukball Promotion.Its design is protected and registered under patents n°DM076678, n°238664 and n°100304082.

Delivery cost in GB

- 1-2 "Bar-X Pro" or 2-4 "Bar-X Nano": 35 GBP
- 3-4 "Bar-X Pro" or 5-8 "Bar-X Nano": 65 GBP
- 5 or more "Bar-X Pro" or 9 or more "Bar-X Nano": 75 GBP

Delivery costs may be lower if you order tchoukball frames at the same time. Please check with Tchoukball Promotion.

Weight Bars

All starter packs include the following additional equipment: 

- A pump
- 2 tchoukball coaching guidebooks
- An introductory DVD, with school and elite level games
- 10 information leaflets about tchoukball’s most important rules
- 20 cones (used to mark the tchoukball D) with a bag

Extra 'Team Spirit' tchoukballs are available at the following prices:


Size 00: £13.50 (RRP £27) - 6 years and under
Size 0: £13.50 (RRP £27) - 7 to 9 years old
Size 1: £13.50 (RRP £27) - 10 to 14 years old
Size 2: £15.00 (RRP £30) - Adults and 14 years+, competition (women and mixed)
Size 3: £15.00 (RRP £30) - competition (men)

Watch our tchoukball videos on Tchoukball Promotion's YouTube channel for free!

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Payment by bank transfer, by card or by cheque.

Tchoukball starter pack delivery costs: For 1 set: £30 / for 2 sets: £42 / for 3 sets: £50. The delivery of additional tchoukballs is free of charge if you order at least one starter pack.

Tchoukball Promotion assumes all responsibility for fulfilling your order and all further enquiries regarding orders should be sent to them.

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