Tchoukball UK (TUK) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of tchoukball in the United Kingdom. Tchoukball UK is a trading name of Tchoukball UK CIC – a Community Interest Company operating under the regulation of the United Kingdom government. As an NGB, Tchoukball UK works to deliver the sport of tchoukball to the Education sector and develop clubs within the community throughout the UK. This includes, but is not limited to, those in education at any level, sports clubs and societies and elite programmes. At all times, we will ensure that equality and diversity within the community is respected and protected.

We believe in developing tchoukball as a sport for all, adhering to the values of The Tchoukball Charter of fair play and helping players pursue excellence through personal training and collective effort.

Our history

Tchoukball UK was founded in 1971 as the British Tchoukball Association (BTBA). Over the next 20 years, BTBA oversaw the successful growth of tchoukball in the Hampshire region and subsequently East Anglia. With a decline in tchoukball across the world in the 1990s, a new group of players re-launched tchoukball in 1999 and attended the first World Championships in over 10 years in Geneva 2000. Since then we have sent international teams to every major competition and grown to over 13,000 active players in schools, colleges, universities and clubs. In 2021, we submitted our bid to be a recognised sport by the UK Sports Councils (Sport England, Sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland).

Check out our timeline below to find out more about our history, from our beginnings until today:

  • FITB is formed

    Tchoukball’s global governing body, the International Tchoukball Federation (FITB), is formed laying the ground for tchoukball in the UK

  • BTBA is formed

    Tchoukball arrives in the UK and the British Tchoukball Association is formed on 9 December 1972, BTBA successfully applies to become a member of the FITB

  • Tchoukball grows in the UK

    Tchoukball is introduced to Hampshire from Cheltenham and new weekly leagues are formed

  • First World Tchoukball Championships

    The UK men and women finish second to Taiwan who dominate international tchoukball for many years to come

  • Senior leagues flourish in Hampshire

    Tchoukball inspires a many people to start playing, some of which are still playing today

  • The UK's first international event

    Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth is the place where the UK hosts its first international event: the World Tchoukball Championships

  • A new generation of players

    Tchoukball spreads to Norfolk and Suffolk and national youth events are set up as a new generation learn the sport

  • Tchoukball internationally begins to grow again

    The UK sends men’s and women’s squads to Geneva, the birthplace of tchoukball as the first World Championships for 10 years is staged

  • BTBA becomes TAGB

    The BTBA which has been inactive for many years is relaunched as the Tchoukball Association of Great Britain (TAGB). A new team of people takes over the running of tchoukball

  • UK hosts the FITB World Championships

    The World Championships 2002 in Loughborough give the newly formed TAGB a strong financial boost through sponsorship and a well-run event

  • TAGB Board members elected to the FITB

    2 members of the TAGB Board are elected to the FITB Executive Committee as UK tchoukball starts to build international partnerships

  • World Beach Tchoukball Championships

    The UK men’s and women’s squads take part in the first World Beach Tchoukball Championships

  • European Tchoukball Champions

    The UK men win the 2006 European Tchoukball Championships in Macolin, Switzerland, beating reigning world champions Switzerland in the final

  • School players develop tchoukball in new places

    Former players who began their journey at school found new clubs in Guildford, Bury St Edmunds and Southampton University

  • Leeds Beckett University Tchoukball Club

    Tchoukball gets its first-ever team in the north of England at Leeds Beckett University

  • UK hosts European Tchoukball Championships

    The UK successfully bids to host the FITB European Tchoukball Championships 2010 in Hereford and tchoukball is introduced to the west country

  • TAGB rebranded as Tchoukball UK

    The TAGB Board gains agreement from members to change the association name to Tchoukball UK, reflecting its desire to bring tchoukball to the whole of the UK over the longer term

  • Tchoukball UK and Leeds host the first European Winners' Cup held in the UK

    The European Winners’ Cup, the highest club competition in Europe is held at Leeds Beckett University

  • Tchoukball UK CIC

    Tchoukball UK changes from an association to a Community Interest Company with a Board of Directors and a Senior Management Team

  • Tchoukball UK Board member elected to FITB

    Richard Jackson is elected to the Board of the FITB at the FITB General Assembly in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  • Tchoukball UK Board members help found the European Tchoukball Federation (ETBF)

    Following the success of the 2010 European Championships in Hereford and the appearance of many new European countries playing tchoukball, Philip Moore and Richard Jackson are elected to the first Executive Committee of the ETBF as Vice-President and General Secretary

  • Tchoukball UK recruits its first Independent Director

    Tchoukball UK recruits a specialist Governance Director as it signs up to the Voluntary Code of Good Governance from the Sport and Recreation Alliance

  • First official Tchoukball UK youth squads

    Tchoukball UK sends teams in the Under-15 and Under-18 categories to the European Youth Tchoukball Championships in Ferrara, Italy

  • Membership Directors

    Tchoukball UK adds 4 Membership Directors to its board to keep in touch with the issues of its members

  • World Championship squads

    Tchoukball UK sends under-15s, under-18s, men’s and women’s squads to Malaysia and Singapore in its biggest international year of tchoukball ever

  • Tchoukball UK bids for Euro2020

    Tchoukball UK wins the bid to host the European senior and youth Championships 2020. COVID-19 means the competitions are postponed until 2022

  • Sport Recognition

    Tchoukball UK submits its bid to the sports councils of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to be recognised as a sport across the UK by government