Looking for fun tchoukball games for your school or after school club? You have come to the right place! Below you can download our Skills Game Cards – perfect for beginners and pros alike. We will be adding more here soon so make sure you bookmark this page and come back to see if there’s anything new. We will also post about our new resources on our Twitter @TchoukballUK so make sure you give us a follow and stay up to date.

Skills Game Cards

The tchouk, the tchouk, the tchouk is on FIRE!
Skills Game #1 (Download PDF)

The tchouk is on FIRE, take two!
Skills Game #1.1 (Download PDF)

BOOM, tchouk, tchouk, tchouk the room!
Skills Game #2 (Download PDF)

Skills Game #3 (Download PDF)

Use the FORCE tchouk!
Skills Game #4 (Download PDF)

The tchouk, tchouk train!
Skills Game #5 (Download PDF)

Rock, paper, scissors, TCHOUK!
Skills Game #6 (Download PDF)

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