Thank you for visiting our new and improved website!

We still have a few bits and bobs left to do, but first let’s look at what’s new:

What’s new

  • MOBILE-FRIENDLY interface – remember the days when you tried to look up information on our website and had to zoom to see it (or tchouk-forbid you had to try to use the menu options to select a competition…), our new website is fully mobile (and tablet) compatible to fulfil your everyday tchouk needs on the go.
  • INFORMATIVE and focused – we want tchoukball to become a recognised sport in the UK (beyond our pending UK Sport Councils recognition) and to help with that we need to ensure people understand how to play our game. Our ‘Play the Game’ section has been re-built from scratch, and we have exciting plans in store for online learning courses (coming soon).
  • PROFILES on point – we want you to get to know our teams – from those who work for TUK, to those who perform for us. In our main header you can find our Team UK pages profiling our players from WTC 2019, and in About Us you can get to know our Board of Directors.
  • NEWSflash – we have transferred majority of our news articles from the old website and they can now be searched by categories or month+year for ease (left sidebar on web and bottom of page on mobile). Anything from 2016/17 season or older is in the ‘Archive’ if you’re looking for that #tchoukballthrowback feeling.
  • ON brand – last but not least, our new website’s design is based on our 2020 logo re-brand (by LA Design) with blue, red, charcoal and white heavily featured throughout. The aim was to create a site that was simple, yet effective and we hope we got the balance right.

What’s next

  • COACHING creatively – looking at the ‘Teach the Game’ section you might see that we have a few bits to come… Creating new coaching courses for an online audience is a big next step in our plans to get the nation to the frame and while that’s underway you might see something happening on our Coach Finder pages to help you link up with like-minded tchoukers in your community.
  • COMPETITIVE edge – so far we have not transferred any historical tchoukball competition data beyond our last season (2019/20) – we’ll be working on this over the next couple of months.

Thanks to everybody who have contributed to the website process, the project lead is Mari Haugen (newly appointed Communications Director, in charge of colouring in, making things look pretty and trying to make tchoukball sound as exciting as it is to play) with IT support from Richard Jackson (Operations Director, in charge of data, CSS scripts and in no way responsible for the look or feel).

Now get on surfing, we hope you enjoy it!