Young players from Fareham Green, the club’s youth side, competed in the opening day of the South East Regional League in Division 2. Their debut game against Portsmouth Uni Pingus game was a massive step forward for the youth team, playing in their first full 45 minute game, their first game against adults and starring in the first game in the South East Regional league Division 2. The youth team started off very nervously and the first 5 minutes featured many mistakes, but the team calmed down to finish the 1st period with a lead of 2 points.

Second period saw Pingus’ top shooter Vivian Balamanoharan shoot a lot more and the Green’s defence struggled to deal with his shooting and by the end of the 2nd Period the Greens were 4 points down. The final third saw some great shooting and switch from Ben Longhurst and Lewis Wolfe at one end and James Cloutman , Joshua Williams and Jacob Munt at the over end. This helped Greens to pull the score back level. In the final minutes it was point for point between the teams with some brave defending from Harvey John Martin and great second line work from Megan Hall kept the scores level to the final whistle.

Andrew Wolfe, South East Regional Development Manager was extremely proud of the team.

“The final score of 49-49 was a brilliant start to the regional league for the youth team. Next game against Southampton Uni saw three changes to the team with James, Ben and Megan going home and Amy Louise Pell , Alex Wolfe and Findlay Martin replacing them. With Fareham playing an unusual 3-2-2 system it took them a while to settle into the game, some good switching and shooting between Amy Pell and Jacob Munt kept the score close by the end of the 1st period. In the 2nd period both Alex Wolfe and Findlay Martin were getting more confident playing in their shared center role and the passing was getting better, this allowed Jacob Munt and Lewis Wolfe to start scoring more points, with Jacob Munt’s shooting giving Alex Hamilton a hard time on defence. The 3rd period saw some fine switching between Josh William and Harvey Martin but still Southampton slowly increase their lead. The youth team never gave up and kept going to the final whistle. Final score 31-45. Another great game from the youth team.”